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The Heartbreak Hotel

Promotional video for "The Heartbreak Hotel" written by Joey Furjanic

Courses Included in Communication Degree This video lists the courses included in communication degree.

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The "Whatever" Revolutionary

Luke 14:25-35, I Corinthians 10:31, Colossians 3:17, 23 Where does God “fit” in my life? This is the time of year when we rebalance our priority…

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An Ceílí Mór

A gathering of Celts for Craic agus Ceol. Not to mention Soilse and Colm's wedding! Shot and Edited by Rossa Lundberg

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ecoATM - Instant Cash for Phones

ecoATM, a graduate company from our EvoNexus incubator, gives us a demo on how to get cash for recycling a phone.

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La Guerra Climatica: Chemtrails, HAARP, El Futuro del Mundo

La tecnología al servicio de la guerra, ese parece ser el axioma secreto de nuestra era (al menos de la elite en el poder, para la cual se podría extender:…

Poésie : Annou li Damas (Lisons Damas) avec Sylvain Georges - Semaine 2

Chaque semaine un texte de Léon Gontran Damas est lu par nos internautes (nous, nos enfants, nos artistes, nos sportifs, nos "personnalités")…

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SfL: Word In Motion Teaser

A taste of the Word in Motion exhibition, launching 16th January 2012.

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This is only a test. And the music is public domain.

Sudden Motion Sensor in Adobe AIR

The SuddenMotionSensor class enables you to access the Sudden Motion Sensor in portable macs in your AIR applications. It uses a native extension to give you this…

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