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This drum beat was a break that I found which I added kicks snares and hats to and the main sample I wrote around was Easy Like Sunday Morning. I also used some…

Esküvőkről esküvői dj videó 1 Dj és egyben ceremóniamester Dj Richie

Esküvői dj esküvőkön, céges és privát rendezvényeken. Esküvői dj videók esküvőkre - Dj Richie esküvői…

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LAN Ph@raonique 6

LAN du 23 au 25 avril 2011 à Allex, toujours organisé par l'association Les Ph@raons

Six Weeks in the Life: Joyce McDonald

Six Weeks in the Life: Joyce McDonald I spent six weeks following HIV-AIDS survivor, community activist, and New York City public housing resident Joyce McDonald,…

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Condor BoyZ- Ten Commandments teaser

Were back! BiG LOU and G-LOVE are tearing the rap scene to shreds again with their new Smash Hit Ten Commandments!!!! stoked i know. And they're doing it with…

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Whistler-Blackcomb New Year's Trip

Epic powder at the biggest resort in the Pacific Northwest. This is why we snowboard - tree runs, glacier runs, great company, and a round of poutine and cold ones…

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Jungle Weekend Promo

All rights belong to the Walt Disney Company

Ableton Sound Design Tutorial - Glide in Analog - In this Ableton Live tutorial Danny J Lewis demonstrates how you can use glide to create a bend between…

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