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Pick A String: Jam In The Kitchen

From our upcoming project "Pick A String" here's a group of pickers in the kitchen at the Everett Home in Suwanee, GA-A great rendition of "Long…

Warrior Pages, Wrist Lock Applications

Tashi Troy Price demonstrates applications of his wrist lock series from his DVD. Additional videos and Tashi Price's DVDs available at

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The Best Short Films In The World Highlight Reel

The Best Short Films In The World got shortlisted for a Webby award and they asked for a highlight reel of the show. Because of my crazy schedule, I only had 2…

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Video BB Axel

Un Pequeño Video De BB Axel

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CEMEX El Paso - English

Promotional video for CEMEX El Paso, Texas operations. Produced by Skovi.

The Larny Jumper 2 (Short Film)

Lantana is a weed of national significance in Australia. It currently covers 4 million hectares. This is the continued story of one man's fight to stop it.

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Being Dad UK - The pregnancy simulator vs Jonesy

The first challenge from the missus was to spend the morning in London with a fake pregnancy belly, a womans top and endure the pain, quirky looks, out and out abuse…

Tennis on fire, a very very short short by David Toerge

Just a simple scene on the serve in a tennis game. My first video

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Electric President- Scrapbook 1

Promo for the Electric President album "Sleep Well"

Just a Little Band - Barley Corn Hotel

Just a Little Band is a multi genre 5 piece that just loves playing music to people. This is the first pub gig for the band. The band members consist of: Aurora…

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Peake Pure Week 1 Dating Part 1

Peake Pure Week 1 Wk1 Dating Part 1

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From the "Science Experiments" series. A movie by the Neistat Brothers.