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Proteção Mais

Xuxa, Proteção Mais

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We Are Terrible One Brand Final

Re-Brand based bmx edit. Student Work for the University of Kansas. Designing for Change, taught by Jeremy Shellhorn. Part of the re-branding of Terrible One Bike…

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Festival 180º

Video Promocional del Festival 180º

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Experimento de After Effects usando precomposition

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Viktor 01

Simo Heiskanen kertoo elokuussa 2012 ensi-iltaan tulevasta, koko perheelle suunnatusta tanssiteatteriesityksestä Viktor, hänen kukkonsa Max ja soittorasian…

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Dan Brisse at The Camp of Champions

Before Dan blew up, Dan was just Dan at COC. Well maybe more than just "Dan" because before the world knew who Dan Brisse was, campers at COC sure did.…

2012 Haiti Celebration Dinners: Invitation From Kathy Ireland

Kathy Ireland, a supporter of CHI and our Santa Barbara Dinner guest speaker, would like to invite you join our celebration dinners this year.

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Feria de Abril 2012

Video de la Feria de Abril de MTA (Mejora tu Apariencia) rgistrado en Second LIfe - 2012

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