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Video Promocional del nuevo EP del grupo "Básico Permanente"

Video Promocional del nuevo EP del grupo madrileño "Básico Permanente" integrado por Alex Matía (voz / guitarra), Luis Pator (voz…

Julio Silvetti - spot Balay (2007)

Julio Silvetti - spot Balay (2007)

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Rutelli - Il discorso al Senato sugli scontri di Roma

Rutelli - Il discorso al Senato sugli scontri di Roma. l leader di ApI, Francesco Rutelli, interviene in Senato sull'informativa del ministro dell'Interno,…

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Training video on the use of the Dynamic Handsheet Former. FLOQUIP DHF is a Paper Application Laboratory Equipment. English subtitles are available from SNF France…

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Shoeshine, a single from Johnny Rock And The Limits. Recorded on mobile phone at Spectrum, Exchange Hotel, Sydney on 14th October 2011.

Anastasija Barashkova videosession

Model - Anastasija Barashkova Director, Camera, Edit - Dmitry Kartsev Location - Paphos, Cyprus 11/2011 Tolis Photography Studio

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2006년 11월 26일 문경활공랜드 비행

FLYINGLAND - 26 Nevember , 2006 in MunGyeong, Korea


Portrait film for the University of Colorado Film Studies. Press like and leave comments if you enjoyed it. Available for freelance work: Dancer:…

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Prewed Short Film :"Love Happens"

Alex & Susan had their first encounter 3 years ago, but with no sparks . 3 years later , they started to fall in love in just 3 days ! Wow! We, the team at Mirage…

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MTV 6 year Anniversary

A low budget promo video for MTV´s 6 Year Anniversary Party Client: MTV Design: Kristian Tennebø Music: Christian Sol 3D / Comp / Animation: Ben Høst,…

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Verse Entertainment-Makin Noise

These guys were so good, editing wasn't even necessary. I just turned on the camera, pressed record and ran around like a jackass for a few minutes.

Intro DSG

I produced this video under the directions of DSG for IT company Sofftek

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Revolver - Billy Jean

Voz/Percusión: Juan Tarjan Guitarra: Javier Prieto Video (Camara-edición): Frank Hopwood Ingeniero de sonido: Fernando Cobo Mezcla: Juan Tarjan