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I am the lead in this Ray-Ban commercial produced for the web and taxi tv. (Please do not delete this clip...I am using it as part of my acting reel.)

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Jose iorio Buscando el punto G!

Jose Iorio buscando el punto G

FC Enelution Sulzberg 1b - FC Mellau 1b

2. Runde in der 4. Landesklasse im Wälderderby setzte sich Sulzbergs Fohlenteam nach starkem Beginn zwar etwas glücklich aber verdient mit 4:2 durch. Matchwinner…

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Bents Old Fort National Historic Site

In June2009 the Southeast Colorado Regional Heritage Task Force (SECORHT) was awarded a State Historical Fund grant to support the development of five two-minute…

Yorba Linda Massage

Yorba Linda Massage providing massage treatment for North Orange County residents.

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Верные- On the mic

Серов андер щит ВЕРНЫЕ вконтакте SHMEL JR вконтакте

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RnD:Building collapse 1

More stuff on​ Available for Freelance :

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Jack Links Presents: Group Therapy

This was my quick-turn commercial concept for a 2011 Jack Links campaign. They used it. Apparently, voicing inanimate objects isn't only funny to me.

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Extraits de reportages pour Radio-Canada

Montage d'extraits de trois reportages réalisés pour l'émission "Aujourd'hui", produite en 2004 par Radio-Canada.


PeeWee Castro vs Tyree Bastidas. First game of the mens singles final

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