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Signalet / The Signal

My Master Project from Kolding School of Design. Puppet film freely adapted from the Anders Bodelsen short story "Signalet" (“The Signal”).…

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12 hr team race lap 2

This is my second lap for the 12hr team race. Team BOTS Racing

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Extras: MOS Michigan Avenue

Footnote TV Season 1 Episode 5: Overstuffed Air Date: June 18

Intro made for "Broke as a Joke"

This was an an intro video made a few years ago for a local show.

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Em Cartaz - 14-06

Em Cartaz - 14-06

Help Me Help My Child

With unprecedented access to life at home and in therapy, this observational documentary series follows children and young adults through harrowing experiences as…

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Water Levels and Demersal Fish

Discover a new world by delving below the surface of Florida Bay and taking a journey with Audubon biologists as they document prey-base fish populations in the…

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Никита Шультайс. "Система управления версиями git"

Основные тезисы выступления: - организация репозитория, - ветвление, - базовые команды, - работа в одиночку и в команде. После выступления прошла бурная дискуссия,…

Music, Maybes, and Mayhem

Video resume of my music industry work.

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[FBC] A Time When Children Need Heroes

The Great Commission Churches notes a distressing statistic: One study showed that the percentage of Bible-based believers has decreased with each generation: …

Stop Motion - New Jersey to New York

No video recorded. 1145 photos. New Jersey Hamilton Train Station, Penn Station, Staten Island Ferry, Shake Shack, Times Square, and Empire State Building in one…

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Liam Skating

Liam roller skating at his cousin's birthday party in March of 2011. This was Liam's first time skating.

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The Concept - Damn (live at Pet Sounds Bar)

The Concept, live at Pet Sounds Bar, Stockholm 10th june 2011 © Valerie Toumayan : -