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Weihnachtsfeier an der Informatik-Hauptschule

Schüler aller 4 Jahrgangsstufen gestalteten mit ihren Lehrern eine Weihnachtsfeier.

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La Fuga III: Abajo el telón

Vídeo fotográfico de la recogida del escenario y bártulos tras el concierto del grupo de rock cántabro La Fuga.


Video shot around the Pacific Northwest in 2008.

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Scenic ocean views on California's Highway 1: part 1

A trip down Highway 1 between Santa Cruz and Big Sur on Highway 1. Filmed from a Lotus Elise

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Ramp Up #1: Better Document Management with Knowledge Tree.

This is the first episode in a series of screencasts called "Ramp Up" on the JumpBox blog ( This episode teaches the "how and why"…

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Drum Solo.

Back in November (I think?) of 2008, my church youth group had a talent show of sorts. I performed a drum solo. Personally, I think I am rubbish. The best part is…

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You, Your Computer, & You!

Jimmy Immy learns valuable lessons about Internet safety, identity theft, and tubes. Completed in August 2006.

StillsNMotion_sample basic Stills-n-Motion sample gift from grandma

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Snow Day!

Rory, Boston and Daisy enjoy their first snow day together!

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Interview with Ooyala Co-Founders: The Next Generation Video Player

I visited the Ooyala headquarters at spoke with Co-founders Sean Knapp, CTO and Bismarck Lepe, CEO about the soon-to-be-released next generation Ooyala video player.…

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3DHS 51" Slick and 55" Edge (CO)

3DHS 51" AJ Slick SMC 40C 3S 2200mAh Hacker A30-12XL AirBoss 80A Elite 3DHS 55" Edge540 SMC 40C 4S 3300mAh Reaper GR45 AirBoss 80A Elite Pilot: Tyler…


A retrospective of the laughter and learning that was Whaley -- a sitcom.

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Phat Bottoms

Another trip up the Upper McLeod River near Edson, Alberta. This stretch of river is rather bumpy and necessitates awesome boat construction to come home dry on…

Andrea Balbis y Ainhoa Menéndez

Andrea Balbis y Ainhoa Menéndez