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This body of work consists of 5 short video pieces that explore the idea of a moving image that conveys elements of stillness. The videos depict fragments of an…

HD Ending Montage, Sandra and Kyle - Sweetwater Wedding

The ending montage to close the full length video, set to the song, "Gravity" by Dean Brody. This is a favorite.

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Credit to: DJ One Original Link:

Part:3 From Betrayal to Trust (Review)

Jesus is the ultimate example for all Christ followers. This week we walk along side of Jesus as He models for us how to go through betrayal from those closest to…

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Aida la del Barrio

Aida la del Barrio

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Free Love - Ephesians 3:14-21 - Jon Batham

For the first time in 2011 church member and sports reporter Jon Batham does a Sunday morning teaching session at Greenford Baptist Church... and it promises to…


An apocaliptic film inspired by the most famous hokey player of all time – Wayne Gretzky. The man in Gretzky’s jersey is awaiting the arrival of the…

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Carlsberg Case Study

Carlsberg is the world’s 4th largest brewery company, selling beer in more than 150 markets across the globe. To support their current growth strategy of developing…

Nice Weather for Ducks - Y1 remediation

Chair Duets remediated using stop motion animation and lemon jelly track. As used in Perf 1010 assessment. April 2011.

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Quirine Viersen - Bach solo suites

Bachs zes cellosuites bestaan uit meditatieve preludes en sarabandes, en dansdelen waar het soms ruig aan toe gaat. Die afwisseling tussen hemels en aards spreekt…

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