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Handmade Film 3 (Winter 2011)

REEL 3 of 3 The following is a compilation reel of handmade 16mm films created by OCADU students enrolled in the first-year course, GART1B06: Time Based Media (Section…

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Петербургское философское кафе 12 февраля 2011 (фрагмент 1)

Анатолий Власов, модератор Петербургского философского кафе "Понятие тела у Валерия Подороги" Рассматривается понятие тела, анализируемое Валерием…

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2011년 2월 13일 주일예배-축비6-미래의 염려에서 벗어나는 비결

2011년 2월 13일 주일예배-축비6-미래의 염려에서 벗어나는 비결

Сборка кобры из змейки рубика

Новые головоломки на видео. Как собрать головоломку Змейка Рубика.

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Otem in the sandbox

Otem loves to get dirty now. I don't love it so much...

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Perceive - Uncut & Unedited

5 Minutes of uncut and unedited footage with soundtrack. Shot as a requirement for a Production class, emphasis on coverage. Shot with Canon 60D, Starring Jake…

The Antic Romantics

The Antic Romantics at Emo's - 2.17.2011

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7 February 2011 Area 'D' rep referendum notice

Area 'D' representative Rick Fairbairn attended Lumby council meeting on February, 7 2011 to say he will coordinate a referendum with the Village on the…

AIESEC Chelyabinsk lipdub

First lipdub video in da flat

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I am Thankful

A song about being thankful from! Make sure to have a squirt gun close by!

Cannon 5D issue

We're having an issue with our Cannon 5D when trying to use it for video recording. This short clip is what happens when we try and hit record (it turns itself…

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Red Flower Background

A pattern of slowly moving vector daisy flowers. View full details at