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Back to 8bit at Techfest 2011

Team Sparsh just demoed a 100" wall at IIT Bombay Techfest 2011. Well lets relive the 80's :-) The same is a clever implementation of LLP technique, the…

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Om LT Automation A/S

Vores kernekompetencer i LT-Automation er at rådgive i automatiseringsløsninger og salgsteknik gennem tæt dialog og sparring. Vi har 15 års…

Dangers of the Job - Leela Hazzah

Leela Hazzah, Executive Director of the Lion Guardian Program Leela Hazzah speaks to Womensphere about the dangers of her job as Lion Guardian in Kenya.

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After The Storm - Walter Sutton's (WA79) FTX Orbx

After The Storm is a short film I made of Walter Sutton's (WA79) FTX Orbx airport. Welcome to the charm of Walter Sutton's private airfield. Located in…

1 16 11 Worship Raw w/ David Ruth (5 songs)

Theme: Five memory songs sung directly to God that contain some of our loftiest expressions of his character, and some of our most passionate utterances of exclamation!!…

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loup 1kg4 cote bleue 22-01-2011

Sortie sur la cote bleue le samedi 22-01-2011

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ah le thermique de prérond c'est bon

petit vol en fin de saison depuis un de nos meilleurs décos d'Allevard.

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Apple Bank Spot, Spec #2

© 2011 RH Punto Grafico Directed by: Carlos Rodriguez Producer: Carlos Rodriguez Edited by: Eric Ramos Production Manager: Rosibel Chiriboga Prod. Company:…

"Mach´s nochmal" - Astrid Breck

2. Single aus dem im März erscheinenden Album "Liebe macht´s möglich"

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skaters edge 8/29/09

An old Skaters edge edit form a few years ago.

Raising the Sails!

We rigged the genny, staysail and mizzen on Ocean Tramp on January 26th. Eple by Röyksopp

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This video is for test

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Interview with Dorothy Ely in Nixon Nevada

This is an interview with Dorothy Ely, who knew Gareth during his time in Nixon on the Pyramid Lake Paiute reservation.This was an amazing experience not just for…