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Rain and Hail in Venice

It was a very impressive shower. A real downpour, at the very least. My shorts were all soaked up because of the splattering water... Fun.

Kingston - Queen's University Homecoming Weekend (II) - More footage from Homecoming weekend. Check out the people on the roof!

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Japanese DVD/Video Rental Store

An introduction to the Japanese new releases section Japanese DVD rental store and some of the many Japanese movies that are on offer. Taken hand-held on a Sanyo…

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Diva Talk With The Mary's - Episode 01

Episode one is like our pilot, it was to be a stand alone episode and was 45 minutes long. In the end we cut it down to two 15min episodes. That’s why in episode…

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VloMo08 - Day 1 - Leaves

Day 1 for Videoblogging Month 2008. Getting really tired of doing it but it's a job that must be done. What’s Videoblogging Month 2008? Simply put, 1…

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Grace Point Church Urban Legends Week 3 Roll In

As we explore some popular myths Christian have about life, we thought we would look at some local southern Nevada legends as well. Here is Rich, the town manager…

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Bottle nose Dolphins

Bottle Nose dolphins off the Na'pali Coast, West side of Kauai, HI

Vs. Nature

An experimental video focuses on arts and nature, and the contrast between the two.

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Vlomo08 Day 13: Tequila Fruit Loops

I made this vid some time ago, but it has always been one of my favorites. It's my secret Tequila Fruit Loops recipe.

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Estadio Libertadores de América - InfiernoRojo

El estadio Libertadores de America como nunca lo sentiste. Recorrelo, conocelo....

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Mestre Indio

A short clip of a much longer game ... kicking as(s) usual :-)

Social Media K-9

Mikimoto, the Social Media K-9, gives a tip that will help you increase your search engine optimization, more known as SEO. This tip brought to you by Jennings.…

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You've Got Mail

Falling asleep on the job!