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Ham Melt 2

Ham melting.

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Dylan and her dad walking up to the house from the beach

Dylan and Joey leaving the beach at Amagansett, walking up to Feldberg house from the sand.


Veduta is the expression for the kind of painting or engraving of the landscape or section of architecture which was common before the invention of photography.…

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Back to 8bit at Techfest 2011

Team Sparsh just demoed a 100" wall at IIT Bombay Techfest 2011. Well lets relive the 80's :-) The same is a clever implementation of LLP technique, the…

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Red Flower Background

A pattern of slowly moving vector daisy flowers. View full details at

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MENDing Nepal

Rob Buchanan has been doing this sort of thing for over 20 years in various parts of the world. I volunteered at this centre and also shot an update story for BBC…

'Yup OK, Women on Fire'

Judith Seelig talks about Women On Fire

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Irlo Cocinas

Cocinas residenciales de calidad internacional diseñadas y fabricadas en León, Guanajuato, Mexico.

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anna & łukasz

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Pakistani Journalist tells of torture

In 2010, Pakistan was the 'Deadliest country for journalists', according to CPJ. Umar Cheema was abducted, stripped naked, and tortured by his kidnappers…

Rueda de prensa CpM 05-05-2011

Rueda de prensa CpM 05-05-2011