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Ham Melt 2

Ham melting.

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Animation and Simulation in CAD environments

Tutors: Efrat Gilboa- Digital workshops coordination, Arch. Jacob Zolotovsky, Assistant Michal Barash The Following animation movies were created during a 2nd…

Tras Bambalinas de Paisajes de un cuerpo en fuga

Cuerpo de danza independiente penquista.

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180 Step-Up to Flat

me 180in the step up at tx to flat

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"Clever Clever"

(C'monnn--lemme make an honest man outta ya.) Clever Clever Some of us live to find one another Some of us live for the next adventure Some of us love, by…

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diary video 01/11/2010

all saint's day

CrabSense: Arwen's migration to the sand

This video is for project documentation. See this blog post for more info:

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Ordinary people

Questo progetto è stato creato in occasione della riconsegna dei filmati digitalizzati appartenenti a venti famiglie di Foligno, con l'intenzione di…


Opener and on air design for a music show on Swiss National Television. Work: Concept/idea, 3d animation, editing, compositing Credits: Client: SRF Schweizer…

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Animate 14 11 10

Church News from Sunday 14th November 2010.

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