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Jacky Winter - "Big Black Smoke" (Ray Davies)

Jacky Winter tackles The Kinks' Big Black Smoke in his vege garden. Featured on the Phil Gionfriddo 4-Track Recorder '07. Shot and Edited by Mick Stylianou.

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ice cream shout - tattooed tears

hacked together mostly from YT bago510's (thanks!) original upload of children of violence from which the song's intro vocal clip was originally taken.

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Demo Reel

I am a Motion Designer with a Passion. This is my latest demo reel with some of my work from the last year while in the Digital Design Program at Vancouver Film…

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Dillon Margolis All Star Week Edit

Dillon is the Digi Lab's favorite camper! He filmed and edited videos all on his own in weeks nine and eleven, and we look forward to having him back for more…

Police sans frontière

Qui pourrait penser en regardant ces deux policiers, qu'ils ne sont pas du même pays ? Echanger, comparer, prendre ce qu'il y a de mieux entre voisins,…

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Unique Affairs, Inc. presents Soulcial Thursdays

Greetings! For more than a year UNIQUE AFFAIRS INC. been focused on our signature Nightlife event. Now in our promise to continue to contribute to the Redefinition…

Greenland Fjord

I videotaped these sequences in Nuuk Fjord. They show ice breaking away from a glacier and travelling down fjord. There are several kinds of ice. Also melt water…

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Fashion Reel

2010 Fashion Reel Cinematography & Post Production

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NA COLA DE JORGE BISPO Fotografia: Paula Giolito


Took a walk at Sunol Regional Park and brought along the Canon HF-200 video camera and Kodak still camera. All shots were taken with the cameras mounted on a monopod.

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I will Follow You Into The Dark music video

A video for the song I Will Follow You Into The Dark by Death Cab For Cutie as preformed by Amanda Palmer.