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The Spirit: Spiritual Gifts

Pastor Dave Ansell

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Mississippi Man - Hell's Oven

Mississippi Man Strange Fruit Session

Tucker after bath

Tucker after his first bath

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Commercial for, a digital magazine and ebook provider for the iPad and iPod.

Nueva York en un poeta, estreno festival de jazz de granada

Montaje con fragmentos del espectáculo musical de "The Missing Stompers", estrenado en el festival de Jazz de Granada 2009. Las imágenes…

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Video desenvolvido em aula de Materiais e Tecnicas Gráficas II coordenadas pelo professor Rangel.

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Justin Eidson's First Handrail

This is Justin Eidson killing his first handrail while at the peak of his aggressive rollerblading career. Everyone said Justin wasn't afraid of anything when…

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Kayla Crawling

Just a small video taken on my iPhone of the first time Kayla finally crawled properly.

How to read

How to read in Wordchamp and how to add unknown words to the flashcard list.

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Canne blanche électronique

Retrouvons Marie-Laure et Aziz qui vont nous présenter deux types de canne blanche électronique qui renseignent les personnes malvoyantes de façon…

Jose Cuervo Tequila Face

Created whilst at Agency Republic London.

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Love/Avon - "One Million Strong" (feat. Susan Sarandon)

"One Million Strong" was created for the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation, the Avon Foundation for Women, and their Love/Avon "Army of Women"…

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Le Chat qui Fume // Concours Glamour

Stephane Bouyer, du Cat qui fume, nosu présente comment gagnert des DVD de son nouvel opus avec Dita Von Teese. Concours sur 1kult: ©…

weaselfest 2010 saterday limbo

some video taken saterday at the 2010 weaselfest. camera sitting on small gorilla tripod