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Strazdins part


Optimale samenwerking binnen 1 minuut

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5/9: Mother's Day

Recorded on Sunday 2010/05/09 at 10:30AM

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Presentación "En el país de los méritos"

Vídeo resumen del recital "En el país de los méritos" celebrado en la Casa Museo Emilia Pardo Bazán de A Coruña. Más…

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Dave Olson: Session 1, 2010 NPD Conference

Session 1 with Dave Olson at the 2010 NPD Conference. "The World is Changing"

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Grup Yorum - Madenciden(Güneşi Beklerken)

Bu video, 17 Mayıs 2010 tarihinde göçük altında kalan 30 madencimiz için hazırlanmıştır... TheAnadolu.Com | Anadolu Üniversitesi Forum…

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Dana and Brian Teaser

Just thought I would post something for Dana and Brian to look at. Video should be done by the middle or end of next week.

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Uninterrupted - In Crowd

Our mission is to provide an encouraging space for teens to express themselves through media discussing important topics “Uninterrupted”. The teen…

All I Do is Win

"All I Do Is Win" Silkk the Shocker Dir: Michael McGowan Shocker's back!! This is the title track off his new mixtape "All I Do Is Win" Sedona…

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TKD 1st Moving Up Ceremony

Jolie and Dalia Demonstrate the moves!

Calamigos Ranch Wedding Collection | Josie + Lloyd - Opening

Wedding Videographer Sergio Colchado of Prince Weddings based out of Huntington Beach, CA captured the groom and his men getting ready for the big moment at the…

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Video Overlay Test

I needed to go up the street to the Post Office this morning so I mounted the helmet cam and the Garmin Forerunner sport GPS. My camera shut down half way up the…

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Project for Musical Interfaces Spring 2009. GSCT, KAIST.

Fat Eric's Promo with Revisions

This was shot and edited by me for Shaffer Films.