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TFK Studios Demo Reel

Here's a Demo of some of the sound design and mixing that I have done in the past year. And YES Vimeo, I have permission to use all of this footage. If any…

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Lakota Concept of Mental Health and Illness

The Lakota are native Americans from what is now North and South Dakota. Lewis Mehl-Madrona, MD, PhD, MPhil, author of the seminal book "Coyote Medicine"…

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Nuestro Padre Jesús

Marcha procesional "Nuestro Padre Jesús", de Emilio Cebrián



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SBM- B-Town Friday!

Me and Luke didn't have work so we popped over to Braustone pool plaza

Watch under a microscope

An experiment from the lab at work - we rigged* a camera to a Nikon SMZ800 microscope. Here's my Citizen watch - you can clearly see the minute hand ticking…

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Teaser dh !

Teaser avec Maxime et Alexis !


Este video fue creado para el trabajo final de la materia Introducción al Estudio del Lenguaje, por mi equipo en enero de 2010. Este video es una crítica…

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Summary of CPOV 2010 (March 26-27, Amsterdam)

I couldn't attend in person but followed it via and took a number of screenshots, which…

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FashionForFreedom Make-Up & Hair Pt. II

This is a little behind the scenes look at a model getting her hair done in preparation for the FashionForFreedom fashion show "A Stroll Through Monaco"…

Breaking the Bronx's waves

SUNY Maritime's sailing team gears up for a championship in its first regatta of 2010.

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Lead Me Where You Need To Go...

After watching Alex's interview on Little Sister live at the Neutral Lounge (, the other guys in the band also wanted to share about…

(Preview) Ministerie van VROM

Voorlichtingsfilm i.o.v. Ministerie van VROM, introductie van de eerste electrische TukTuk in de gemeenten Rotterdam, Den Haag en Amsterdam.

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TM Italk - Ish, Ish, Ish

Worked on this spot as DP and Steadicam operator. This whole spot is shot with RED One camera on the Steadicam. It shows a Mother, played by a Malaysian well known…

Newton's Cradle

Newton's Cradle modeled in 3DS Max. Procedurally animated using Maya's built-in dynamics. Rendered in Mental Ray. Stupid camera moves and television screen/reflections…