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depending on the light

this is a video i made of images taken with a canon 5d. this is one of several visual responses to a paper i am writing about psychosomatism, with an open exploration…

The Praises of the Bartlett family

Edie sings about Shannon, Lee, Parker, Cole and Even Ozzy their dog, who had died.

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Csoki: - KTV koprodukció

A bemutatja: Csoki! Első rész.


Animation & Music by Carlos Redthko. 2008

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Sunset Rubdown - The Taming of The Hands That Came Back to Life

Song from their show in Madrid 7th of June 2008.

Ballade en R1 caméra embarquée

Ballade en R1 caméra embarquée

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Deep into a shooting session of S&MAJ... double chin and uneven front teeth attack the camera. Enjoy the homage, Children Of Men.

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Luke and Ethan's swimming lessons, July 3rd, 2008

Mostly Luke in this footage as he is practicing his new swimming skills. Ethan was taking a bit of a break. Luke does good, but for short bursts. I still think…

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4:36 Mineshaft II

4:36 Mineshaft II Tarmac Mod Puno N3 Driver cromax


Honkeyfinger at Big Vs in St.Paul MN 07.21.08

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Test Video

My first video to test if I can upload and show a video on my blog

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Gildenfirst von Reckless auf Frostwolf PoV: Kjay

Lou & Liz Care For Kids Radiothon Part 3

Lou & Liz stay on the air on 94-3 The Point for 30 hours to raise funds for the Monmouth County Child Advocacy Center. They spent the afternoon touring the Center…

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Wood Shop Cycle

A 4 minute fixed gear short I shot with a couple of friends in a cabinet workshop. HV20 1080p24, 35mm DIY vibrating adapter (broken as you can clearly tell), edited…

In Flames - Cover - Bullet Ride (Live Version)

Mp3 Download link: Morning people, I always played this song in a wrong tuning, the wrong way. Then I saw…