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New Young Pony Club - Chaos

A music video I directed for New Young Pony Club... ! Director: Jo Apps Production Company: Partizan Producer: Julie Crosbie DoP: Sam Goldie Production Designer:…

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13 de abril de 2010 (II)

Casamoria, Peón. Asturias

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Strazdins part

Fat Eric's Promo with Revisions

This was shot and edited by me for Shaffer Films.

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The Spirit: Spiritual Gifts

Pastor Dave Ansell

weaselfest 2010 saterday limbo

some video taken saterday at the 2010 weaselfest. camera sitting on small gorilla tripod

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Die 17te Minute

Mit der 17ten Minute fängt eine neue Phase von 1 minute bewegt Köln, mit einem neuen Format, an. Die neuen Videos werden ab jetzt immer am 1ten und 15ten…

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new pad...

not sure if this cell phone video does it justice.

Reynolds Rockets Defeat Asheville Cougars October 1, 2010

Reynolds had it all together, and Asheville struggled in a 41-13 contest that keeps the “Visitors Win” tradition between these two teams alive for a…

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HC Productions Showreel

At HC Productions, we produce films…… educational and training films, information films, short films, community service announcements and television…