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Undivided Week 3: Obedience Is the Mark of Genuine Christianity

Undivided Week 3: Obedience Is the Mark of Genuine Christianity

December 29, 2013 - "From Social Justice to Social Security" by Nancy Aleck, Executive Director of the Hawai'i People's Fund

Ten years ago, she moved from the role of an activist to her current position, leading a foundation that supports activism. As she enters the senior citizen chapter…

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What is Dora thinking?!

What is Dora thinking?!

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SR in 60 - 1.19.2014

SouthRidge in Sixty for the week of January 19th.

War Drums - A.T.A Live

In - 7 degrees we recorded a live music video together with Sound Of Aarhus. This is the result. Video by Peter Brask

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Minnetonka Schools: Project Lead the Way

Minnetonka High School is certified for the PLTW Engineering program. This pre-engineering program provides future engineering majors the opportunity to earn college…

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Dia Nacional do Fusca 2014

Vídeo feito com algumas curtas filmagens no Dia Nacional do Fusca organizado pelo grupo The California Look. Alguns carros do evento, do grupo Hood Bugs e…

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Brittany & Kyle Parker Pre-service Video

Event: The wedding of Brittany & Kyle Parker Video: Pre-service activities Location: Jackson, MS Date: 12/20/2013 Videographer: Josh Frazier Videographer…

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Toby (Enhanced)

Music: Favorite Secrets by Waylon Thornton (

5 Coruña FS Femenino | #10partidos10victorias

Minipromo realizada para la segunda vuelta de la liga provincial del 5 Coruña Femenino. "Cuanto más sueñes, más lejos puedes llegar"

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