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Read: Functional Capacity Evaluations

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Evanescent wave microscopy of a cell with fluorescent CLIP-170 and zyxin

Evanescent wave microscopy of a fish fibroblast transfected with GFP-CLIP-170 and DsRed zyxin. The microtubule tips enter the layer of exciting radiation within…


Corona Check·out fue creado para que apretando un botón puedas avisarle a tus amigos que hoy quieres salir. Así de simple. Crea los grupos que…

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뉴스타파 - "유럽순방보도, 100% 국내용" (2013.11.15)

1. "유럽순방보도, 100% 국내용" 2. 이게 사이버 안보댓글? 3. "자국민상대 심리전 불가" 4. 세상을 바꾸는 힘, 비영리 탐사매체 - ICIJ편 '국경초월한 국제탐사보도' 5.엔딩- 형제복지원 연극 해피투게더

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Sermon NOV 17, 2013

"The Crucified Life" Galatians 2:20 Pastor Kevin Bradley First Baptist Church of Bonita Springs

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part of a Sick film I made at Calarts

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The Yard.

Short film! All the wildlife chillen in my parents' garden: Pattaya, Thailand. Music: Sweet Pea – Amos Lee

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Top Gear 2013 - TV Commercial

In collaboration with Sony Music and the BBC, we created the latest commercial to promote a new compilation of Driving Anthems from the massive Top Gear TV show.…

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Diamond Ring

I did a little Homercording. Sorry for my voice and the lyrics. I was very frustrated at that time.