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Vacaciones en Riviera Maya

Alguito del viaje... Musica: Feeling good - Nina Simone

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Voices will always be heard

"Our world is a better place because Voices, your voices, fill us with the possibility of what that next minute can be. So, let's continue to remind others…

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Platonov, or the Disinherited, after the play by Chekhov :: La Jolla Playhouse Wow Festival 2013

Platonov, or the Disinherited adapted and directed by Jay Scheib after the play by Chekhov October 3, 2013 La Jolla Playhouse Platonov, or The Disinherited builds…

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Hernádi Zsolt: Milyen körözés?

Az osztrák Alpokban eddig rendszeresen síelő, nemzetközi körözés alatt álló MOL-vezért nem lehetett az INA-ügyről…

Why I Died, a Comedy! - Stan and Katie. "We Should Get A Cat"

When the pressure of being human becomes too much, we should never forget that spiritual suicide is always an option! If it’s true that our attachment to worldly…

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Konsep Sehat Dalam Mocopat

Konsep Sehat Sakit yang ditembangkan dalam Mocopat dalam budaya Jawa dalam acara Diskusi Kelompok Terarah yang dipimpin oleh Dr. Imam Sunarno di LP2K Kota Blitar…

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Arkad Fashion Show 2013 Comic ver2

Arkad Fashion Show 2013 Comic ver2

LAG Morning Worship and Timely Message by Teen Challenge, Manchester

Lowell Assembly of God's Morning Service - 11/10/2013

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Octocopter second flight with brushless DSLR gimbal

Music: Henriette Elde - Radioactivate (Acoustic Cover)

Bill Orcutt at Kunsthall Oslo

Part of Bill Orcutt's concert at Kunsthall Oslo 9/11/13, supported by Agnes Hvizdalek, as part of the season Sound Versus System, organised by Kunsthall Oslo…

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A l'autre bout du paysage

Film documentaire Année de réalisation : 2011 Lieu : Palestine / France Format : 4/3 Son : Stéréo Durée : 35 minutes Langues…