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Editing Project "Unsere Tasse"

This short film was an editing project for my editing class while studying abroad in Bonn, Germany. Unfortunately I was unable to get it subtitled because of time…

When he was on the cross

Billy Page singing special music at LWC

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Protandim Testimony ~ Brenda after 30 days

My friend Brenda has struggled a long time with MS. I donated a bottle of Protandim to her to see what her results would be since Montel Williams had such success…

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Vision Video

The final video shown at the service on Oct 6, 2013 as part of the kickoff service of the beginning of Faith Community's 50th year. See more at

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Gimbal demo vid for mongrel

This is a Team Black Sheep Discovery brushless gimbal which I have installed in a Made2Fly ARJIB400 quadcopter. I have made up a video as a demonstration for anyone…

spring equinox (summer of love)

2013 two channel audiovisual projection, fabric screens, sandalwood essential oil

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Assistant virtuel par

Assistant virtuel par


Filmado por: Zé Del-Valle e Danilo Boy Editado por: Zé Del-Valle

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Frank Weijers - Dutch promo

As one of Holland's senior education consultants Frank Weijers addresses Dutch headmasters about common challenges that they face working with their teachers.…

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YellowBrick Parkeermeter

A commercial I shot and graded for YellowBrick, a parking app.