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NY MAGAZINE for The Cut - Erik Madigan - B2Pro Lighting

Erik Madigan Heck in Conversation. Directed by John Carlucci. Lighting Design by B2Pro. Produced by Prime Pictures. Edited by Bunker Media

Tempo Planner

The brand new Tempo Planner builds on JIRA by adding deeper project management and resource planning capabilities that are flexible to your business’s needs.…

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Beyond - Jean Vivace

Experimental by Jean Vivace

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Editing Project "Unsere Tasse"

This short film was an editing project for my editing class while studying abroad in Bonn, Germany. Unfortunately I was unable to get it subtitled because of time…

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Jake + Jamie - Greysolon Wedding

Photographs by Jenna Leigh

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Gregg Warburton Canton MA

Gregg Warburton of Canton MA received his graduation degree in 1986 from cum laude from Stonehill College (Massachusetts) and majored in economics. The main highlight…

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