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Constance Rosenblum, “Private Lives in the Big City: Writing About New Yorkers and Their Distinctive Habitats”

Constance Rosenblum, longtime editor and reporter at The New York Times, will discuss issues involved in writing about New Yorkers and the many and varied places…


Originaire de Marie-Galante, chanteuse du gwoka et titulaire d'un Master en sciences humaines et sociales, mention histoire de l'art, spécialités…

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The Apostle Peter

The Apostle Peter

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Democracy in Education

My group tried to show everyones major points on Democracy in education. We were supposed to start off with 3 words that pedestrians taught democracy in education…

Orenza Estate Sale For Lea

Great little sale with collector items from Iran, India, Thailand, Europe and all over the globe. This little treasure trove will have something for everyone and…

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Awesome Birthday Montage

Check out my montage and video site!!

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This video is about кадрирование

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Park Summer Yoga 2013

Every sunday morning We start with a Park Summer Yoga in Our beautiful MinskCity. Wake Up! And don't be late!

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