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GH2 + 35-100 5DMK2 + 35 5DMK2 + 70-200

gnar shreddage

fitzpleasure by alt-j

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The Year of the Bible, Mark 4:1-20, 12-30-12PM

Associate Pastor Matthew D. Awtrey Jesus teaches to the great multitudes.

What I Did Instead Of Class This Morning

Bridger Bowl, 23". look out for the season edit to drop this spring with more face shots!

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Rebecca Bruce on "Expression"

Fashion designer Rebecca Bruce comments on how design is expressed through her unique designs.

Amazon Lunch Break Time Lapse

Time Lapse taken during a siesta at lunch while peacock bass fishing on the Agua Boa River, Amazon Brazil. Nikon D5100 - ISO 320 - 18mm - f/7.1 - 1/1,250 - 600…

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Sparklers PJ Baseball

Frederick Sparklers Pre Juvenile Silver team skates to BASEBALL music at the Holiday Show, December 16, 2012 at the rink in Frederick, Md. Additional camera work…

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Calm Mornings

Stop motion video.

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2013신년 새해 인사회 열려

2013년 신년 새해인사회 열려

Камчатка - самый Дальний Восток. Часть I

Камчатка - земля огня и воды. Огонь - это вулканы, вода - океан и великое множество камчатских рек. По этим рекам из океана поднимается лосось, чтобы продолжить…

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Micro 08 - Memoria Iluminada: Alejandra Pizarnik. - Su voz.

Microprograma 08 perteneciente a la serie Memoria Iluminada: Alejandra Pizarnik. Escrita, dirigida y producida por Virna Molina y Ernesto Ardito para canal Encuentro. La…

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Giovanni Votano AV Closeup

Giovanni had a full part showcase in AV skateboarding issue 17, the part took just over 4 months to film and mostly just the odd weekend. Even tho having such a…

Michael Grande Summer Camp Experience

Engine Graduate Scheme 2013

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Ritsch und Powder-Klaus bauen einen Schneemann

Ritsch und Powder-Klaus bauen einen Schneemann in Timelapse in Frankreich im Garten Music: Libella Swing by Parov Stelar (