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My Lucky Star - Sizzle Reel

Director: Dennie Gordon Cinematographer: Armando Salas Starring: Zhang Ziyi and Wang Leehom We shot MLS this summer in Hong Kong, Singapore, Macau, and Beijing.

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Critique Roman - SRC radio

Critique du roman "Désirs, vertiges et autres folies" à la Première chaîne radio de Radio-Canada. 18 novembre 2012 Tanya Lapointe…

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Turkuvaz 4. Bölüm

Turkuvaz 4. Bölüm

Life Is Marbleous

Like a shiny marble this is the hidden gem of Beef and Pie documentaries. That's what happens when you overthink and overwork an idea. This 18 minute film…

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The 72oz Steak

The 72oz Steak challenge is real. It exists at the Big Texan Steak Ranch outside of Amarillo. And our buddy George was up for the challenge. Not sure what's…

Spain - Ellipsis @ Semaphore Street Fair

Adelaide Hills local band, Ellipsis, at the Semaphore Street Fair playing Spain composed by Chick Corea. Filmed by Steve Opie Official site | Facebook…

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John McCormack

John established an international reputation as an outstanding motor racing driver in the late 1960s and the early 1970s. He was well known for his driving skills…

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Spot adelanto del megamomento que cambiara por completo las vidas de Chechu y Pablo. El prox 5 de Enero del 2013 se inicia una era de luz, un cambio en donde todos…


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