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WFE meetup #3

just for fun

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Whiter and Blue Jay - June 2009

To be clear: this is a cat video. In my defense, this IS the Internet. Our cat Whiter is regularly tormented by a Blue Jay. We don't know why. But here…

IDBP introduction

I created this short animation with photographs and text.

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Water Cycle

Water Cycle

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Dan Up Slices Of Summer Fight

Director: Paulo Carboila DOP:Rui Poças WWW.QUIOTO.COM Camera:Arriflex 435, cooke panchro s4 2008

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Setting a mark with tugboat "Belinda" (higher resolution version)

This is a completely unedited/uncut version at a higher resolution taken with the on board the tugboat GoPro camera. You can down load the better quality AVI version…

Self-Cooking Recipe: Mille Crepes Cake

A Mille Crepes cake with smoked salmon and goat cheese cooks itself.

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Incidencia exitosa CEM Rioja y Moyobamba

Se logra un Centro de Emergencia Mujer para Moyobamba y Rioja mediante un proceso de participación e incidencia exitosa.

Social Fluency for Women

Learn how to interact more effectively with the world around you

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Clinton's Literacy Class Graduation 6/2009

Clinton is a client of The Arc of San Francisco.

It's Fun in GBG GBG_PeHrssoN

Flo Rida - Low Ft. T-Pain Sparzanza - Before my blackened eyes Recording with V.I.O's POV.1 from

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MTV animation motion graphics music ID Simphony Aleloop, Art & Design Strategist. I create stop 'n look motion graphics, animation, broadcast design & motion designs that get high…

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Browsing digital library content in JeromeDL

This movie shows how user can browse the content of a JeromeDL digital library. (DISCLAIMER: this video is not an advertising of the JeromeDL system; it has been…

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Es Fühlt Sich Gut Ein Gangster Zu Sein

The film, in its entirety, that rocketed The Badger Unit Gang to superstardom.

Hannah and Nikki versus Bottled Water

Using some intriguing techniques, pranks and extraordinary facts about bottled water consumption, this is sure to rattle your water buying habits.