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Wave exchange

This is a research project i did in the summer of 2007, exploring ways to convert video data into sound. I used ImageMagick and a self-written C++ application to…

SoleLife Sculptures (Funky as hell)

Cool collection of Solelife sculptures alongside a DOPE BEAT...Experimental stages. Personal commissioned work welcomed. Seriously get@me: Composition/Sculptures…

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River North Dance Chicago Fall Engagement: Momentum

November 16 + 17 Harris Theater for Music and Dance 205 E. Randolph Dr. "This Company is Hotter Than Hot." -Chicago Sun-Times Celebrating…

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Running For Her Freedom: How to Host an Aruna 5K Race

How can my campus host an Aruna 5K Race? Ryan Berg with the answer.

1С + Бухгалтер = Любовь (Екатерина Озерова и Алексей Бакушин, 1С) 1С + Бухгалтер = Любовь Екатерина Озерова и Алексей Бакушин WUD-2012 20121211073713000000957448410 W:\2012-11-10-wudru\release\1c-plus-buh-is-love.scenario.avs$vquality=200.avi

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UI водопроводных кранов (Андрей Бибичев, WUD-2012) WUD-2012 Про UI кранов (шот) Андрей Бибичев из iπ Soft 20121206043040000000228292218

Jie Wun & Yi Ying

Wedding ceremony

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Drowsy riding

NIKON J1 10-30mm

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The night shift - Reece Miller

Nightshift sound recreated

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ze crü 'WEEKEND' part #2 helen nadig, matteo della giacoma, ramon bircher 2012

weekends are always fun. next part coming thu november 28th watch the intro of our movie 'weekend' and the first part

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autumn moments

shooted on 7D edited in FCPX music by Mattrach