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Love Story Jen + Shane.mp4

This is Jen & Shane's Love Story shown to all their guests at the reception to see how they met. Shane played football for the US Naval Academy. This…

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Sunday Worship Service June 17th 2012

Special Music, Eddie Poore "Someone Who Care" Message "Father's Day Message"

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Denielle + Ryan The Royal Playa del Carmen

The Royal Playa del Carmen. Denielle and Ryan. Wedding Highlight Video by Jerry Guzman. Cancunweddingvideo

Plumber in Daphne, AL - Call 251.517.4262

Plumber in Daphne, AL - Call 251.517.4262 or visit

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Rio+20 Global Youth Music Contest Winners Perform at the UN Earth Summit 2012

Featuring the winners of the IAAI GloCha Rio+20 Global Youth Music Contest in the Children's Category—the Coro Infantil de Santo Amaro de Oeiras who performed…

ESPN - "Fan Agent"

The ESPN ESPY Awards TV Promo Campaign featuring host Samuel Jackson.

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Should I Parent My Adopted Child Differently Than Birth Children?

Parents often struggle to blend the parenting approach they used before they adopted with the unique trust-based parenting approach they are now using to meet the…

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Cheetah3Dv6.0+AE // Movie by Shinji Inokuman (Beatgraphica) // Music by Junichi Akagawa / Yaporigami "Nil Bit Berg Horn" (Hz-Records) 480p…

아임닭과 함께하는 꽃미남 셰프 신효섭의 100일몸짱 프로젝트 5WEEK-6

Q.마음먹고 다이어트 시작하더라도. 유지하기가 쉽지않은데요! 이전과 달라진 식단과 운동이 몸에 익숙해지기 시작한 건 언제부터인가요 ? A. 두달!…

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EXTRAIT : Clémence Bouchereau "Aux gambettes gourmandes"

Deux personnes se rencontrent dans un restaurant. Démarre alors un jeu de séduction poétique.

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Live From Deventer 2012, Day 1

Mercredi 4 Juillet 2012. Deux Girafes aperçues en centre-ville interceptent un camion-poubelle aux petites heures du jour... 2012, July 4th, early morning:…

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