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Streett Jazz Painting of Nina Simone Urban Art Gallery

CTD 2-coloring sampler

This video shows continuous variation in angle for three different regions of the connect-the-dots algorithm while keeping all other parameters fixed. Unlike the…

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Firsthandy Webradio mit der Facebook Fanpage online

Freude darf aufkommen. Denn ab sofort ist das Firsthandy Webradio nicht nur auf online. Auch mit der Facebook Fanpage sind wir jetzt…

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NGAPARTJI NGAPARTJI - Welcome from Pantjiti (2006)

Pantjiti McKenzie welcomes the audience to the Ngapartji Ngapartji project and website. With Jennifer Mitchell and Trevor Jamieson. Production: Suzy Bates. Shot…

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Spring Stroll 2012

Shop. Eat. Play... The Spring Stroll is an opportunity to visit participating merchants, enjoy tasty foods, and see a fashion show. The short video captures…

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Nationalpark TV 2/6 2012HD

Nationalpark TV is a non-profit video provider from Nationalpark Thy, Denmark

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Video Interview mit André Karpinski vom Seepavillon in Köln |

Anfang April durfte ich den Inhaber des Seepavillons und der Kaiserschote im Namen von Interviewen und habe ein paar tolle Tips zum Thema der perfekten…

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Eco'Logis #5

Rallye des famille, 15 juillet 2010. Eco’logis est un projet de soutien à la rénovation de l’habitat initié par la Jeune Chambre…

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What If the Church?

#3 of 3 messages in the What If the Church? series. Guest Pastor, William Harris from Metrolife Church. Introduction by Jim West, Colonial Presbyterian Church. June…

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Summer of Love Grow Groups Promo 2

2nd installment of a new promotional series highlighting our relationship oriented small groups.

"What would Jesus say?"

June 3, 2012....OWS protesters picket Trinity Episcopal Church on Wall Street to ask them to drop criminal trespass charges against Episcopal Bishop George Packard…