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Treninkový den - 11. 4. 09 Sobota

1. závod serialu České ligy paraglidingu 2009 / Lijak - Slovinsko. --- ---

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THE ELECTRIC INN. FIND IT. USE IT. SHARE IT. Somewhere in the streets of Stockholm there is an electric box which you can enter to stay warm and dry in. All you…


Sara Bareilles - "Vegas" Music Video Digital Video class project. Created using Final Cut Pro, Adobe After Effects CS4.

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Journey Home

My journey home from Kings Cross to Stoke Newington

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A video by me of the band at a concert.

Inshallah - Pornografica

uit: Om wat er nog komen moet - Pornografica Hafid Bouazza & Dick Matena Prometheus (2006) Audio: Inshallah from Buddha Bar

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F.O.R. 2009 Mike

The Bruins Rock are the champions of the 2009 F.O.R. tournament!

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Let Me Off This Boat

Jesus Way Church Ravin Fields Ministries POB 925 Belfry, Ky 41514

2010 Senior Models

model photo shoots

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Microsoft InfoSec Video

Microsoft InfoSec Video Roles: Design, direction, animation.

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Red Bull Soweto Sessions

This is my my first video on Vimeo. Hopefully it looks good. Most of it shot at 240fps on a sony handycam. Edited in Sony Vegas. The track is composed by myself,…

AFCOE Baptisms

Baptisms generated from the spring class of 2009 four-month complete course. Visit for more information. Music by Christian Berdahl.

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Journey to Kathmandu Fleet Foxes Trailer

This is the Fleet Foxes-inspired trailer for the Barang Films production, 'Journey to Kathmandu', a film about the annual journey that goats make from…

Panasonic GH1 footage at a Night Market, Taiwan

Test video shot with a Japanese GH1 in 1080p 24p Full HD. The purpose of this video was to test the low light limits of the GH1 and it's kit lens which is rated…

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Nulla è l'evento THOMöbiusiano dell'in-der-abgrund-seyn, o Nihil abissale, oNihil della xora, o choralogia del Nihil-dissonante, o instabilità…