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20 bademcilik com portakal limon toplama oksbo

20 bademcilik com portakal limon toplama oksbo

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Jimmy Beats World: Trophies

"Jimmy Beats World"...not the's better! The book of James is the story of God's people living their lives in a "complicated"…

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Khenpo Tsultrim Tenzin - Day 19wmv

Text: The Universal Vehicle Discourse Literature, Mahayanasutralamkara by Maitreyanatha/ Aryasanga, together with its Commentary (Bhasya) by Vasubandhu Chapter…

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Playertwo2 Tv 20

Disfruta los avances de : RESIDENT EVIL 6, Mass Effect Infiltrator, Doctor Lautrec y los caballeros olvidados, Mortal Kombat ps vita, The Hunger Games iphone, Anarchy…

class time

just a little footage for class

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Fun with FD lenses

First time out with some FD mount lenses i bought on ebay. Got both for under $40. Any vignetting you see I added while slightly grading the footage. These lenses…

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Agneta Sandström om stress och utmattning. Psykologisk Salong 3/5 2012

Leg Psykolog och FIl Dr Agneta Sandström forskar om stress och utmattning. Agneta intervjuas här av Mattias Lundberg under Psykologisk Salong den 3 maj…

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Part 3 of the NET 204 F2F conference, Perth 11 May - Unedited

Footage as is from the f2f conference. See also parts 1 & 2. This is low grade video saved from a stream and is best viewed on a small scale viewer.. This…

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Thursday Night Sessions

Collection of left over clips from summer of 2011. Filmed with Canon HG 10 @ 60i.