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Dan Brisse at The Camp of Champions

Before Dan blew up, Dan was just Dan at COC. Well maybe more than just "Dan" because before the world knew who Dan Brisse was, campers at COC sure did.…

Psychotropic drugs & fuzzy borders (9/12)

Since the recording of history psychotropic drugs accompany mankind. In no times prohibition was successful in suppressing these cravings of men. The ongoing war…

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Spiritfest 2011 West Palm Beach,fl Winners Church Worship Team

Spiritfest 2011 West Palm Beach,fl Winners Church Worship Team

Subculture Speaks to Hurts

Hurts, the duo from Manchester are a unique homage to 80's synth pop. They took some time out last Dot to Dot to give us an exclusive insight into what makes…

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Subculture Speaks to Guillemots

The ever luminous Guillemots sat down with us at Dot to Dot to give us an intriguing and utterly compelling interview.

New book release! Living Grace

Living Grace - How grace affects your whole life. Purchase or Preview the book now: pages 1-23 in color! @ 13…

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Flabiano 1

Meu pequeno gênio!

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Presented by Toto Fredito & Nzagamba

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La Ola de la Semana presentada por Vitamin Water

"La Ola de la Semana" presentada por Vitamin Water. Video por Chad Oakley.

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Les Dents de la Seine Teaser

Documentaire de 52 minutes sur la pêche aux leurres en Float tube en région Parisienne. Réalisation : Fabrice du Peloux Production : Artisans…

BILLIE JEAN Mix, Roberto Cantiran

BILLIE JEAN Mix, Roberto Cantiran

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Michael D. Tindal - Choreography Reel

Video & Editing Credited to Adam Brenner (CakeMix Studios) and Marshall Ellis (ME Dance)

Eletrompete no Festival Santa Música

Festival Santa Música - Chapéu Mangueira - 31/03/2012

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Hope Shines Through the Resurrection

Hope is Real because the Resurrection is Real. The Resurrection of Jesus Christ calls for a Response! On the day of the Resurrection, Jesus appeared to his disciples…

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2012 Haiti Celebration Dinners: Invitation From Kathy Ireland

Kathy Ireland, a supporter of CHI and our Santa Barbara Dinner guest speaker, would like to invite you join our celebration dinners this year.