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Yeah Alden Day 50 somethin on the skis

alden skis the first 3 days of his second season

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depending on the light

this is a video i made of images taken with a canon 5d. this is one of several visual responses to a paper i am writing about psychosomatism, with an open exploration…

In Flames - Cover - Bullet Ride (Live Version)

Mp3 Download link: Morning people, I always played this song in a wrong tuning, the wrong way. Then I saw…

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Rain and Hail in Venice

It was a very impressive shower. A real downpour, at the very least. My shorts were all soaked up because of the splattering water... Fun.

You've Got Mail

Falling asleep on the job!

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Andrea Balbis y Ainhoa Menéndez

Andrea Balbis y Ainhoa Menéndez

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Pick A String: Jam In The Kitchen

From our upcoming project "Pick A String" here's a group of pickers in the kitchen at the Everett Home in Suwanee, GA-A great rendition of "Long…

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Treninkový den - 11. 4. 09 Sobota

1. závod serialu České ligy paraglidingu 2009 / Lijak - Slovinsko. --- ---


Nulla è l'evento THOMöbiusiano dell'in-der-abgrund-seyn, o Nihil abissale, oNihil della xora, o choralogia del Nihil-dissonante, o instabilità…

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WFE meetup #3

just for fun

Hannah and Nikki versus Bottled Water

Using some intriguing techniques, pranks and extraordinary facts about bottled water consumption, this is sure to rattle your water buying habits.

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JimTV Newslook Intro

A graphics design I created for a fake news show that aired on JimTV in august 2009.

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Prafrentex 90's 09/10 no Cinemathéque

Vídeo da festa Prafrentex 90's realizado pela Macarronada Produções e pela Fatality Produções. Direção, Roteiro,…

Фалсификовање историје - 23.10.2009.

Фалсификовање историје! - Македонија и наше време... - Црна гора и наше време... - Хрватска и наше време... - Босна и Херцеговина и наше време...

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A documentary about a young man's attempt to prove his worth as a basketball player.